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See Your Customer Data in a Whole New Light

Smarter, Faster Customer Interaction Analytics

You need to measure, iterate, and evolve – if you want to win. Qeymetrics identifies and gathers information and helps take your business analytics to new heights. Streamline all enterprise data into seamless dashboard views. Discover and track critical KPIs to make smarter decisions faster.

  • Harness your data and make it work for you

    Blend data from any system to streamline your call center metrics into a powerful unified dashboard. Drill down to every level, location, and transaction in your business to find root cause, make key decisions, and drive true value.

  • Get everyone on the same page

    Secure, role-based views for unlimited users at any level. From Agent Scorecards to C-level dashboards, pinpoint KPI standards for each business unit and measure against them. Interact through a browser or distribute timely, role-based reports.

  • See What Others Miss

    Not all data is equal. Even the best data can tell the wrong story. Don't miss your most valuable insights because you are looking at traditional KPIs. Discover cross-metric value drivers, identify outliers, and take action that makes your business smarter.

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Load and Configure Data at the Speed of Light

Identify and gather data sources from every part of your business and configure with QeyMetrics industry experts to create targeted analytics dashboards for every role in the organization.

  • Store, maintain, and display historical KPI data
  • Generate unlimited, hierarchical metrics
  • Deliver actionable insights through intuitive, drill-down data visualization
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Intuitive User Experience

Beautiful dashboard views, seamless drill downs, and easy slice-and-dice puts you comfortably in control, anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Threshold Alerts

Detect performance problems as soon as they arise with visual cues. Rely on a trustworthy source to make sure performance meets high standards.

Direct Data Sourcing

Connect directly to any data source in your organization to make implementation and maintenance simple, automatic, and reliable.

Secure, Role-based Views

Users see only what is relevant to them, and nothing more. Create role-based templates for dashboard elements and the information they contain.

Single-stream Data

Blend all of your data into a single stream, from every part of the company, from any source, curated for perpetuity, and updated in real-time.

Time-boxed Lookups

See historical measurements in their original context to determine exact cause and effect long after people, regions, and departments have changed.

Shared Insights at a Low Price

Unlimited users – no restrictions. Whether for 10 or 10,000, budgeting for department or enterprise-wide BI has never been easier. Ask about our pilots and see why we're the best deal on the market.

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